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April 19th, 2019 Intentional Work

Yesterday was a four-star day: I maintained the integrity of my calorie spending budget, I remained refined sugar-cost-free, I exceeded my day-to-day water target by 32oz, and I stayed nicely connected with exceptional assistance.

Having adequate water is one particular of these items for me that needs intentional work. My minimum target every single day is 64oz and I will hit that even if I need to down two cups or far more late in the evening. I had a midday meeting yesterday exactly where all I did was drink water, six cups, and that helped push me previous my minimum by 32oz. I’ve discovered one thing from this. The pattern: When the water is served in a meeting or restaurant setting, I most constantly make or exceed my target. Clearly, I will need to schedule far more meetings and restaurant trips. I am kidding. No, I need to make a point to serve myself water all through the day. I never have a dilemma having adequate coffee every single day simply because I enjoy coffee! The water point is not a massive concern simply because I will hit the 64oz come what may possibly, but if I can be a touch far more mindful perhaps it’ll stop me from standing in the kitchen chugging water at 10pm.

I have a wedding rehearsal to attend this afternoon. I am playing the ceremony music for the daughter of a colleague tomorrow evening. It’ll be a basic job, one particular I’ve performed a lot of occasions for a lot of people today but I nonetheless get a tiny anxious simply because it is their wedding!! You never want to mess up someone’s wedding music! The good point about this one particular is, I never will need sound gear simply because it is constructed into the venue. That tends to make it much easier. The wedding I am booked to do subsequent weekend is a diverse story–complete setup. I never actively pursue wedding gigs but the requests come each and every now and once more and if I can do it, why not?

I am off function currently–which is good. I slept in actually nicely. I completed my morning foundational routine, I’ve created some fantastic assistance contacts currently, and I’ve enjoyed a good brunch. I strategy on having some workout at The RecPlex later this evening and that’ll cap a pretty decent Friday.ย 

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