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A Calgary Registered Dietitian Reflection by Kate Chury

Mindful consuming is a journey.

In my mindful consuming journey 1 issue I’ve noticed is that much more is not constantly superior.

For me, 1 of the much more apparent examples is coffee. The initially cup of piping hot coffee is scrumptious, the second is superior, but the third….it is terrible. The pleasure I get from coffee undoubtedly decreases the much more I have of it. This is an instance of the Law of Diminishing Returns (for me, at least).

There are unquestionably some mornings when I attempt to fool myself into considering I have to have (or will delight in) that 3rd cup of coffee. Nonetheless, I’ve come to recognize it is never ever a superior notion. It is superior to wait till the subsequent morning to delight in (to definitely delight in) a cup of coffee.

The very same principle goes for meals. Far more helpings of a scrumptious dish does not imply you are going to delight in it as significantly as the initially bite. Get started paying interest to how your meals tastes and your enjoyment level as you continue to consume. You may perhaps be shocked about what you uncover.

And keep in mind, most instances meals can be saved for the subsequent day. That way you can delight in it an additional time.

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